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[xmca] Inappropriate affect

Inappropriate affect is a clinical psychiatric term that refers to an
individual's response to emotion; examples are laughing at hearing about
the death of a loved one, crying that someone ate the last piece of pie, or
outrageous anger that a favorite TV show has been postponed because of a
weather report.  Culture does NOT mediate these individual responses.
People exhibit internal drives.  What is discussed when exploring the
meaning of emotions is aesthetics and not the actual emotions.  Animals are
not happy, they are content.  Humans experience true joy that is not
mediated by culture and it is what separates us from the animals.
Archeological evidence is revealing that Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals
existed at the same time; one succeeded due to a development of a culture.
I dare say that culture developed as a result of shared emotional
experiences found beyond what other animals experience.  Humans are
extremely vulnerable and within this vulnerability they have found their
greatest strength!

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Yes, for Hegel when Spirit first manifests itself out of
Nature it is in the form of Feeling arising from a
Nature-given physical body. But really, this is just the
point where Hegel makes his biggest mistakes, he thinks the
human body emerges directly as a thing of Nature, rather
than being a product of culture.


ERIC.RAMBERG@spps.org wrote:
> Andy; you and I have discussed much of CHAT and have come to agreements
> about a great deal concerning the definitions pertaining to CHAT but when
> it comes to true emotions you have yours and I have mine.  Hegel I
> spoke of them as the Spirit.
> eric

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