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[xmca] Additional Question for ETS

Hi everyone: 
Thought you might enjoy an additional question for ETS by  Vergne Rosow: 


--Are you eager to destabilize your relationships and life as you know it? Would you welcome a chance to: 

a) Abandon your significant other? 

b) Force your minor children into servitude? (dishes, cooking, tending tax and census forms) 

c) Give friends and neighbors cause to question your existence? 

d) Forfeit family gatherings, graduations, reunions, and funerals? 

e) Enter a socio-cultural time warp? (no news, movies, plays, concerts, sports, games, walks on the beach, malls, or mail for the duration) 

f) Experience the atrophy of marketable skills? (golf, tennis, ping pong, small talk, answering the phone) 

g) Allow your civic duties to go untended? (voting, town halls, knowing who is president) 

h) Ignore your heritage garden so that it withers and dies? 

i) Cause your cat to find another lap? 

j) Go from 20-20 vision to trifocals in 6 easy years? 

k) Trade cooked meals for jerky and chips? (or anything else that slides easily into a book bag) 

l) All of the above? (right answer) 

La Vergne Rosow 
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