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Re: [xmca] "From Descartes to Pavlov" (by Piotr K. Anokhin)

Oh, that is a great question, Achilles. Anokhin is a very important player
in the development of cultural historical theory through Luria in particular
because he championed, against Pavlov, ideas of functional systems.

I will see the Guru of such matters, Boris Mescheryakov to see what he can
contribute -- I have never seen this book. And see what he has to say.
Anokhin's work does appear, in parts, in English.

2009/10/15 Achilles Delari Junior <achilles_delari@hotmail.com>

> Hi, XMCA,
> What can you indicate to me, about the works from Piotr K. Anokhin???
> Particuarlly I am interested in:
> "От Декарта до Павлова. Триста лет теории рефлекса. М., 1945"
> >From Descartes to Pavlov. 300 years of reflex theory. Moscow, 1945.
> There are other suggestions? Some titles in English, etc?
> Thank you, very much.
> Achilles
> >From Brazil
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