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Re: [xmca] schools kill creativity?

Thanks, Ana,

At first I was going to send this just to you, off-list, but then I thought I'd send it to the list.

First, Congratulations!

.. and, I thought others outside the US might be interested in hearing that we in this country are being treated to the spectacle of right-wing USA super-patriots rejoicing (cheering, applauding vigorously, etc.) at the news that Chicago's bid for the Olympics was not successful. They see this as a failure that will disgrace Obama, and they are welcoming any failure for the USA that they think can be treated as a failure by Obama.

I wanted to also mention that at our International Curriculum meeting in South Africa last month, we decided that our next meeting will be in Brazil in 2012. Not sure yet which University will host, or in which city; but it would be great if you would join us -- I will update the list as details emerge.

Finally, points in your message encourage me that maybe the manuscript I'm writing might not be too crazy after all. In one part I am working (maybe overworking) an analogy between meaning and dancing, arguing that just as dancing is what dancers do, meaning is what mean-ers do (speakers, writers, thinkers -- but also words, texts, and signs in general). So "I mean ..." , "she means ..." , "that word means ..." "that text means ..."; with "meaning" as a verb, and not a noun (i.e., not something that could be a "content," or something "conveyed").

Anyway, your message also reminded me of the teacher who said, "Mary, put that book away; it's time for reading now!" (I guess that's not intelligible outside of countries where "reading" is a subject and a class that has been taught using systems and materials that bear little relationship to the reading that people do with books outside of schools and classrooms.)

Again, Congratulations! President Obama offered his congratulations to Rio and to Brazil when he returned, and he also expressed pride in Chicago. "Sometimes you can play a great game and still not be the winner."

To the right wing in our country, any time Obama falls short of what he's trying to do (even on things like reducing unemployment, or finding a way to provide health care for people here -- not just something like the Olympics), they see failure for the USA as a great victory for the American that they are loyal to.

On Fri, 2 Oct 2009, Ana Paula B. R. Cortez wrote:

Thanks, Mike!

I loved the talk. It makes completely sense. I was teaching PFL (Portuguese as Foreign Language) at the American School of São Paulo this morning and I called one of my student's attention for chatting so much in class. Do you know what she said to me? "Sorry, Ms Cortez, I need to talk in order to think". Well, if a great dancer needs to move in order to put all her creativity into action, who I am to disagree with this student of mine? ;)
Warm regards to all,

Ana Paula Barbosa Risério Cortez

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Faculty of Language and Education

University of Mogi das Cruzes-VL, Brazil

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