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Re: [xmca] schools kill creativity?

Thanks, Mike! 

I loved the talk. It makes completely sense. I was teaching PFL (Portuguese as Foreign Language) at the American School of São Paulo this morning and I called one of my student's attention for chatting so much in class. Do you know what she said to me? "Sorry, Ms Cortez, I need to talk in order to think". Well, if a great dancer needs to move in order to put all her creativity into action, who I am to disagree with this student of mine? ;)
Warm regards to all,

Ana Paula Barbosa Risério Cortez

English Language and Literature Professor

Faculty of Language and Education

University of Mogi das Cruzes-VL, Brazil

Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 550

Vl. Leopoldina, São Paulo, SP - Brazil


55 11 3648-5050


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