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Re: [xmca] Vygotsky, Saussure, and Wolves with different dreams

Steve Gabosch wrote:
What did LSV mean by a "concept-for-myself," (a phrase, I understand, is derived from Hegel)?

Hegel would never have used quite the phrase, "concept-for-myself", but the way Vygotsky is using the idea: first concept in-itself, then for-others, and only last for-myself - i.e., self-consciousness, is quite consistent with Hegel's idea. It's really a play on Hegel.

For example from Hegel's Introduction to the History of Philosophy:

"But consciousness really implies that for myself, I am object to myself. In forming this absolute division between what is mine and myself, Mind constitutes its existence and establishes itself as external to itself. It postulates itself in the externality."

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