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Re: [xmca] Re: xmca Digest, Vol 45, Issue 47: Ilyenkov on ideality and social relations

Andy, this is cheap scholarship, copying quotes, but... from chapter 4 of
"Dialectical Logic," on Fichte:

"From two different, dualistically isolated halves, having no connection at
all with each other, you could not create a single, integral system. What
was needed was not dualism, but monism, not two initial principles but one
only. Because, when there were two different initial principles, there were
two different sciences, which never merged into one."

Just words? Just WORDS? JUST words?


On 2/23/09 9:58 PM, "Andy Blunden" <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> The point I want to make is this: to claim that everything
> is material or by some such sweeping statement make a claim
> to a radical monism, is just words. At some point you have
> to make a distinction. It doesn't really matter whether you
> call everything "Spirit", "matter", "nature", "texts" or
> whatever. So long as it is "everything" it is nothing, it is
> just a Kantian "thing-in-itself."

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