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[xmca] John Collier on action research

A very thoughtful message sent about January 24th by Phillip White on action
research seems to have
been overlooked in the hurley burley of our collective activities. As it
turns out, I forwarded the note along
with some other thoughts to a Scandanavian colleague, who made some comments
that sent me back to
the original note from Phillip, and this quote from Collier, who, you may
recall, was the person being point
back to as a/the originator of the term, action research. It is not my
intention to open that discussion again--
others more able than I are doing so. But this quotation from Collier does
seem worth keeping in memory.
Thanks Phillip.

That thesis was that democracy – political, social, and economic democracy,
complexly realized all together – is ancient on earth; that cooperation and
reciprocity were the way of men through many thousands of generations; that
the conserving and cherishing of earth and its flora and creature life were
man's way through these long ages; that the art of education – the art of
informing, enriching, tempering, and socializing the personality, and of
internalizing the moral imperatives – was practiced triumphantly by village
communities in every continent, without ceasing for tens of thousands of
years; and that like countless flowers in a long April of our world, human
cultures, borne by memory alone, illuminated with all rainbow hues the
almost unimaginable thousands of little societies wherein immensities of
personality development were achieved across the aeons of time.
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