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There has been some of what you are looking for, but it has been done primarily with early childhood education. You might want to take a look at people doing work with Reggio Emilia - which has attempted to a certain extent to combine Vygotsky and Project Based Instruction (among others). There is a book - I can't remember the exact title - something like "A Thousand languages of Childhood'. There is a chapter by the person who originated the philosophy.
For older students there is of course Dewey, and George S. Counts for high school students I believe, but there is no integration with Vygotsky.


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Dear all

At the moment I am planning a module on Project BAed Instruction, PBI, for a Diploma course on new methodological trends in English as a Foreign Language. As part of th module contents, I would like to establish the connection between PBI and the work of Vygotsky and researchers on SCT. HOwever, I haven't found much literature available. I think that the article by van Lier in Lantolf's 2008 book elaborates on this connection, but unfortunately I will not get the book in time for the module. Could anybody please point me in the right direction? I would also appreciate if you could suggest online sources that I could download.

Kind regards to all

Universidad de Córdoba - Colombia
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