[xmca] problems

From: Joao Batista <jbmartin who-is-at sercomtel.com.br>
Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 14:50:33 PDT

Olga,how you are? everything well?
I am with a problem... I have two works to present in ISCAR2008 and I am
having problems with passages: I have conditions to arrive on san diego on
09/09 the night. Is it possible I to do the presentations of my papers after
the 09?
thank you

Joao Batista Martins

Joćo Batista Martins
Rua Pref. Hugo Cabral, 1062/142
Londrina - PR - Brasil
CEP: 86020-111

emaill: jbmartin@sercomtel.com.br

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