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No one, I hope, would suggest that to be 'pre-literate' is to lack highly developed mental functions. However, to be
'pre-literate' in today's world - thanks to phylogensis, to be sure - is to be culturally and politically impoverished. Most
preliteracy today is a political scandal, along with other forms of impoverishment.

A handful of billionaires are worth more in money terms than forty whole countries. Read this, and employ those higher mental


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 We can 'converse' across the oceans, and
with the dead and the not-yet born, in ways that 'pre-literate' peoples
could not imagine. To enable the largest possible part of
humanity to have access to the fruits of literacy is, thus, to empower them
socially, rather than to 'engineer' them.

I like the sentiment, I truely do, but I have met many so called
'pre-literates' that have highly developed mental functions and carry out
incredibly complex activities. This development is the ontogenetic
process. When you generalize to the vast digest of human literary output I
step out into the abyss and state this would be the phylogenetic
development of the human species and not an individual's ontogeny. Does
that make sense or do I float unsupported?


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