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Fourth time lucky? Hope it's worth it--

I've sent this twice now but apparently only empty messages arrived. Apologies
for empty mail and thanks for telling me, Vera. Third time lucky... I am away
from home and on a strange set-up so no guarantee, I'm afraid.



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Perhaps a link here is the relation of both to Lenin's ideas. In his article in
Science and SOCIETY July 2007 on Vygotsky and Lenin, Wayne Au draws a very direct
link between Lenin's 'What is to be done?' and LSV on two issues related to
learning: the difference between everyday and scientific consciousness and the
ZPD. Au concludes LSV might have been directly aware of WITBD in his writing or
it might also have been that they approached related problems from the same
dialectical materialist framework, thus reaching similar conclusions. The former
seems possible to me.

Lukacs of course took up these ideas of Lenin's in 'history and Class
Consciousness', in my view in a rather fetishised way, making the revolution the
point at which the proletariat leapt to a realisation of its historic class
consciousness. I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to Joao, but I feel
that much closer relationship to the ZPD can be found in Lenin and also
particularly in Trotsky with his conception of transitional politics and demands.

I'm afraid I don't have the exact reference for the Au article with me but it
should be easy to find as the title starts with 'Vygotsky and Lenin'. I would be
interested to hear what xmca'ers think of it.

BTW, I think there is a lot in Lukacs' last unfinished text 'The Ontology of
Social Being' that is of interest from a CHAT perspective.

Bruce Robinson


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