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Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 07:53:44 PDT

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Pardon Michael ! The same with this one , too .
  Dear Michael Glassman,
  I'm now receiving your second piece in response to David . I had something in mind vaguely remembered and I finally succeeded in bringing it out to surface . Now , I present it to you which I'm sure will look familiar as I know you well-versed in such matters :
  [That is why he also developed ‘general ideas and methods of thought’ to which the natural science of the day had not yet risen, and armed future science with them, which recognised his greatness three centuries later through the pen of Albert Einstein, who wrote that he would have liked ‘old X’ as the umpire in his dispute with Niels Bohr on the fundamental problems of quantum mechanics rather than Carnap or Bertrand Russell, who were contending for the role of the ‘philosopher of modern science’ and spoke disdainfully of X's philosophy as an ‘outmoded’ point of view ‘which neither science nor philosophy can nowadays accept’. X’s understanding of thinking as the activity of that same nature to which extension also belonged is an axiom of the true modern philosophy of our century, to which true science is turning more and more confidently and consciously in our day (despite all the attempts to discredit it) as the point of view of true Y.]
  I don't really want to sound/look ridiculous and play games or play thought games . I mean to show , though I might also be wrong , that this piece both in appearance as well as in content reminds one of the piece you're recounting with respect to string theory followers or well-known mystics in India/elsewhere .
  The Z is talking of what miracles the use of an appropriate philosophical point of view might bring out . The X not only didn't take *logic* out from *experience* but contrariwise he stuck firmly to and pursued the kind of *logic* he was able to prove was workable in life and science as well as in philosophy .

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