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From: Olga Vasquez <ovasquez who-is-at weber.ucsd.edu>
Date: Sat Apr 05 2008 - 16:19:34 PDT

>Dear Judith and Francine,

  All the slots for keynote addresses are covered. However, we could accept an
  invited symposia for such an important topic, if
there is broader interest. Would anyone be
interested in organizing it and writing up the
proposal to include Alba Lucy Guerrer, Betsy
  Brenner, and Francine? Judith, I do like your
idea about the virtual walk of butterflies
in solidarity and remembrance. One of the
original ideas of the planning committee
way back when was to invite colleagues and
friends around the world to send us such
  butterflies that represent the transformative
aspect of their work, maybe this could realize
that idea--hopefully one of the panelists.

thanks much,

>Given the issue of 911 that was identified, do
>we want a special session that addresses this
>and acknowledges this history. It would give
>recognition to peaceful communities can be a
>response to terrorism. Maybe an acknowledgement
>of tis moment in the world would be something
>that would be important to recognize. Alba Lucy
>Guerrero, who submitted a paper has completed a
>dissertation on Shooting Cameras for Peace in
>Columbia on possibilities in the face of
>violence. It might also be something that she
>and Betsy Brenner (her advisor) might present
>on. Maybe we could have a special remembrance or
>wall of butterflies that people could write
>stories about resilience or of the impact of
>education to support children in the world in
>times of terror, violence, and other challenges.
>It could be a virtual wall, like facebook walls
>or other.
>What do you all think?
>At 10:30 AM -0700 4/5/08, Olga Vasquez wrote:
>>Francine, please go to our website: iscar2008.com and check on the themes
>>of the congress--I will re-route your msg to the planning committee.
>>>Message from Francine Smolucha:
>>>Dear Olga, ISCAR, and xmca members,
>>>I just joined on to the xmca listserve.
>>>Since you are currently working on presentations for the
>>>ISCAR conference in San Diego, you might consider finding
>>>a time slot when I could present on "A Vygotskian Approach
>>>to Counter-Terrorism and Building a World of Peace."
>>>You should know that in June 2002, I presented during the
>>>ISCAR Congress President's symposium in Amsterdam
>>>by invitation. I was not an ISCAR member, I did not submit
>>>a paper for review, and I did not even know the Dutch
>>>psychologist who was President at that time. (The ISCAR initials
>>>were first introduced at that time - there was
>>>a slight different name for the group)
>>>I can send you a proposal, references, a vita, whatever you need.
>>>Given the timeliness, and seriousness of the issues, I would be discussing,
>>>you might want to consider adding my presentation.
>>>Michael Cole, Jim Wertsch, Vera John-Steiner, and others in ISCAR
>>>are familar with my work on Vygotsky's theory
>>>of creativity and play since the 1980's.
>>>They do not know that since 2000, I have been developing a Vygotskian
>>>approach to Peace Studies and Counter-Terrorism.
>>>Let me know if you are interested. Regards, Francine
>>>> Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 13:48:08 -0700> To:
>>>>localteam@communication.ucsd.edu> From:
>>>>ovasquez@weber.ucsd.edu> CC:
>>>>iakorepanova@gmail.com> Subject: [xmca] ISCAR
>>>>submissions and acceptance> > Dear friends
>>>>and colleagues,> > After many days of trying
>>>>to figure out what > exactly went wrong with
>>>>the technology> failure, I have reconfirmed
>>>>that human beings are > critical to the
>>>>technical integration> project ,but then
>>>>again, you all knew that. A > small team of
>>>>local ucsd staff and I have gone> through
>>>>each and every proposal at least twice and we
>>>>now know what we have> and what we are
>>>>missing.> > Since we have always had the
>>>>title and the > abstract for most proposals,
>>>>all are presently> are under review. But, we
>>>>need to know the following:> > PAPER
>>>>PROPOSALS:> > About 50 PAPER proposals were
>>>>not re-submitted or their information> was
>>>>eaten by that pesty virus who is now big
>>>>and > visible to the naked eye. Please> look
>>>>through the website: >
>>>>http://iscar.ucsd.edu/ReSub and if you find
>>>>the > title of your paper it is> > INCOMPLETE
>>>>and requires resubmission. If it > is not
>>>>listed, do not re-submit.> > If you see
>>>>familiar topics that your colleagues work in,
>>>>please advice them to> review the website for
>>>>their proposals.> > SYMPOSIA PROPOSALS:> >
>>>>Over the last two days, I went through each
>>>>and > every one of the symposia proposals>
>>>>and recorded those who were incomplete. I >
>>>>notified everyone needing to re-submit> the
>>>>symposium proposal--some times someone
>>>>other > than the organizer was contacted>
>>>>because of lack of email address for the >
>>>>organizer--But each proposal has been
>>>>addressed.> If I contacted you, PLEASE
>>>>Re-submit on this > website:
>>>>http://iscar.ucsd.edu/ReSub if I did > not
>>>>contact> you or one of the presenters, do not
>>>>re-submit.> > > ACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSALS
>>>>Thank you for your patience and understanding
>>>>through this very challenging> process.>
>>>>Olga> > -- > > Olga A. Vásquez> Associate
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