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Will do.> Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 10:30:16 -0700> To: xmca who-is-at> From: ovasquez who-is-at> Subject: RE: [xmca] ISCAR submissions and acceptance> CC: localteam who-is-at> > Francine, please go to our website: and check on the themes> of the congress--I will re-route your msg to the planning committee.> olga> > > >Message from Francine Smolucha:> >> >Dear Olga, ISCAR, and xmca members,> >> >I just joined on to the xmca listserve.> >Since you are currently working on presentations for the> >ISCAR conference in San Diego, you might consider finding> >a time slot when I could present on "A Vygotskian Approach> >to Counter-Terrorism and Building a World of Peace."> >> >You should know that in June 2002, I presented during the> >ISCAR Congress President's symposium in Amsterdam> >by invitation. I was not an ISCAR member, I did not submit> >a paper for review, and I did not even know the Dutch> >psychologist who was President at that time. (The ISCAR initials> >were first introduced at that time - there was a > >slight different name for the group)> >> >I can send you a proposal, references, a vita, whatever you need.> >Given the timeliness, and seriousness of the issues, I would be discussing,> >you might want to consider adding my presentation.> >> >Michael Cole, Jim Wertsch, Vera John-Steiner, and others in ISCAR> >are familar with my work on Vygotsky's theory of > >creativity and play since the 1980's.> >They do not know that since 2000, I have been developing a Vygotskian> >approach to Peace Studies and Counter-Terrorism.> >> >Let me know if you are interested. Regards, Francine> >> Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 13:48:08 -0700> To: > >>iscarmailing who-is-at; > >>xmca who-is-at; > >>> From: > >>> CC: > >>;> > >>Subject: [xmca] ISCAR submissions and > >>acceptance> > Dear friends and colleagues,> > > >>After many days of trying to figure out what > > >>exactly went wrong with the technology> > >>failure, I have reconfirmed that human beings > >>are > critical to the technical integration> > >>project ,but then again, you all knew that. A > > >>small team of local ucsd staff and I have gone> > >>through each and every proposal at least twice > >>and we now know what we have> and what we are > >>missing.> > Since we have always had the title > >>and the > abstract for most proposals, all are > >>presently> are under review. But, we need to > >>know the following:> > PAPER PROPOSALS:> > > >>About 50 PAPER proposals were not re-submitted > >>or their information> was eaten by that pesty > >>virus who is now big and > visible to the naked > >>eye. Please> look through the website: > > >> and if you find > >>the > title of your paper it is> > INCOMPLETE > >>and requires resubmission. If it > is not > >>listed, do not re-submit.> > If you see > >>familiar topics that your colleagues work in, > >>please advice them to> review the website for > >>their proposals.> > SYMPOSIA PROPOSALS:> > Over > >>the last two days, I went through each and > > >>every one of the symposia proposals> and > >>recorded those who were incomplete. I > > >>notified everyone needing to re-submit> the > >>symposium proposal--some times someone other > > >>than the organizer was contacted> because of > >>lack of email address for the > organizer--But > >>each proposal has been addressed.> If I > >>contacted you, PLEASE Re-submit on this > > >>website: if I did > > >>not contact> you or one of the presenters, do > >>not re-submit.> > > ACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSALS > >>DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 17TH.> > > >>Thank you for your patience and understanding > >>through this very challenging> process.> > >>Olga> > -- > > Olga A. Vásquez> Associate > >>Professor> Department of Communication> > >>University of California, San Diego> La Jolla, > >>CA 92093-0503> > (858)-534-6284> > >>_______________________________________________> > >>xmca mailing list>> > >>> >_________________________________________________________________> >Pack up or back up-use SkyDrive to transfer > >files or keep extra copies. Learn how.> >ht> >xmca mailing list> >> >> > > -- > > Olga A. Vásquez> Associate Professor> Department of Communication> University of California, San Diego> La Jolla, CA 92093-0503> > (858)-534-6284> _______________________________________________> xmca mailing list>>
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