[xmca] Em's Contribution to CHAT history discussion

From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Fri Sep 07 2007 - 16:44:56 PDT

Emily Duvall has written on the topic of dynamic assessment and one chapter
of her work has her take on important historical moments
in the development of ideas from Vygotsky to the present day. Since I do not
play a role in this history except as the editor of a book
in which Pyotr Galperin's work appears, I figure I can forward it (with her
permission of course) as a neutral observer. (Right?) :-)

The chapter is interesting not only for its historical account but for its
contemporary contribution to issues of dynamic assessment and
instruction. I am sure that Em would appreciate comments on all aspects of
the work attached.


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