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Date: Sat Jun 16 2007 - 08:53:55 PDT

David, Katherine, and all interested in the "toolforthought" discusssion,
which addresses a very large set of issues
widely discussed here....

I have been searching for an electronic version of Reijo Meittenin's paper,
"The Riddle of Things: Activity theory and Actor Network Theory as
to studying innovations. It appeared in Vol 6 (3) of MCA but that entire
volume is missing from Erlbaum's electronic archive. If no one has it, I
will copy and
distribute next week, but hopefullly, someone DOES have it.

Here at UCSD we have been discussing relations between the issues raised by
David and Katherine in their interesting article for some time (as their
citations of Latour's MCA article indicate). Reijo's article explicitly
addresses several of the issues raised in "toolforthought", in particular
the symmetry
of actants issue and Reijo has also written on Dewey and activity theory.
Moreover, there have been a lot of discussions directly on the issue of
among the ideas of Hutchins, Engestrom, & Latour. This seems like a great
moment to bring all of these together, since David and Katherine introduce
their own circle of key ideas and thinkers such that there is partial
overlap in the field of reference that, it seems to me, could be brought
into fuller dialogue.
(I am assuming Tony was pointing in the same direction by is pointing to
Victor and Bonnie's book.

So, HELP! Is there an electronic Meittenin article on AT/ANT in the house??
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