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This call for papers and this new journal may be of interest to you.

*Call for paper *

The European Journal of School Psychology (
http://www.firera.com/ejsp/index.htm) is accepting manuscripts for the
second issue 2007.

The journal embraces a holistic approach, addressing a comprehensive range
of issues within the field of school psychology and the more general school

We encourage submissions that include, but are not limited to the following

a) the contextual, situated, organisational, and social nature of the
learning and teaching processes

b) the role of institutional and organisational dimensions

c) the importance of emotions, metacognition, symbolisation and
mediation for learning

d) the effects and relevance of powerful learning contexts

e) the construction of social identity, identity positioning,
intersubjectivity and subjectivity within learning contexts.

The journal welcomes different types of contributions: reports of empirical
investigations; theoretical papers, literature reviews, case studies, book
and article reviews, educational web site commentaries.

Papers submitted for publication will be examined first by the Editor along
with a member of the editorial board. If the paper is considered suitable
for publication, the editor will select two referees for a blind review. In
case of disagreement, a third referee will be consulted. No papers will be
published without the approval of at least two referees.

Please follow EJPS's guidelines for authors

Manuscripts should be submitted to the following address
Bealigorio@libero.it no later than September 15th
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