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I sent this to ines only by accident, failing to note that her name was
there along with xmca on the send line. interesting that gmail selected the
person's name
under reply, even though that name came after xmca in the "from list."

Anyway, Bom Dia all.

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Bom Dia and welcome Ines-

A good way to see what people have had to say in the past about various
issues is to use the google facility at the bottom of the lchc home page and
search lchc.
for example "virtual learning" turns up several message from this year and
you can see who wrote and comment. There must be messages under learning
distance......., etc.

At present I am mulling over a local, MCA effort, at a kind of
distributed/distance learning class that would run most of next academic
year in the northern hemisphere.
The topic would be cultural-historical, activity theory oriented approaches
to understanding humans. (Different people approach the topic from several
institutional and disciplinary perspectives, one of the complications).

The difficulty I am pondering at present is that while lots of xmca members
have indicated an interest in such an undertaking, only three institutions
have said they
would contribute content. I am wondering how to make the effort more
multi-perspectival. Maybe with your interests you would be interested in
this undertaking?


On 6/9/07, iflores@ucsd.edu <iflores@ucsd.edu> wrote:
> Okay that's fine, I am free on Thursday anytime after noon
> -Ines
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