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The idea that people have either a primarily narrative sense of
themselves in which past events are part of the current sense of self,
whereas others may see their past experiences as disconnected from their
current self, is a challenging thesis. Taking a psychoanalytic and
developmental perspective, I think it might be reasonable to associate
the state of narrative unity as consistent with a more ego-centric
orientation, perhaps one that grows naturally in the normally developing
child and can extend into adulthood. What disrupts this developmental
continuity is trauma of certain psychological varieties. So, in that
sense, having a full and healthy ego is consistent with maintaining
one's sense of narrative continuity. On the other hand, one might
argue--as does Strawson--that such a "healthy" person is immature in a
certain sense, especially as involves ethical perspective on one's place
in the world.

David Kirshner

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Check out the following paper at

So many xmca-o-philes and many others are convinced of the centrality of
in human life that this critique ought to provide some food for thought.
anger. Or.......

We have a big backlog of MCA issues coming along, but in the meantime,
seems worth
checking out.

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