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From: David Preiss <davidpreiss who-is-at>
Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 14:54:53 PDT

Hi Paul,
I live in Chile so I can assure you I know pretty well what´s going
on around here and lived 10 years in Venezuela, so know the country
pretty well. Don´t pre-judge people so easily. Concerning the trade
agreement with Chile, in comparison with chilean involvement with the
US, Europe, China and Japan, I don´t think it´s too influential. Here
in Chile, even within the government Chavez has so many people
against him that Bachelet could not support Venezuela´s candidacy for
the UN because it would have created a huge political crisis and so
she abstained. As for Brazil, Chavez collided with Lula after he
promoted nationalization of gas companies in Bolivia, which belonged
to brazilian companies. In Peru, Chavez supported Humala, which had a
very antagonistic and nationalistic discourse against Chile. In
Argentina he went to make an anti-american speech in Buenos Aires at
the same moment that Kirchner was hosting Bush (which made me thing
of Castro visiting Allende in 1970s, and overstaying, which polarized
everything more in Chile). Chavez keep intervening in the internal
affairs of many latin american countries, which certainly does not
help those countries to make more progressive choices. Just ask
Mexicans, where Chavez involvement polarized the election so AMLO
could not win the wide support he needed. I could keep enumerating,
but I am not sure how much people in this list is interested on the
issue. Let us see how everything evolves. I think that we just think
different about it.

On May 7, 2007, at 5:39 PM, Paul Dillon wrote:

> David,
> I'm not sure what the grounds of your claims about Chavez are or
> who you include in your list of "populist leaders". A lot of
> claims but not a single concrete historical example or presentation
> of socio-economic data to substantiate them. However, when you write:
> "[Chavez'] Latin Americanism is not helping to create a real
> southern american
> alternative but has antagonized many countries against him, including
> Peru, Chile and Brazil."
> I think you're not keeping up with political news from the
> Southern Hemisphere of the Americas. Several months ago Chavez
> signed a cooperation agreement with Chile; Lula in Brazil likewise
> is working. Peru is the last bastion where unfettered capitalist
> investment and Alan Garcia is doing all he can to prove to the U.S.
> that Peru will help them in anything at all. Just like the Wars
> for Independence, what is now known as Peru, centered in Lima, was
> the last place to free itself from Spain. So including Peru in the
> list doesn't mean a lot when the rest of the contintent that, under
> the impetus coming out of Venezuela, is either directly
> establishing economic trade that doesn't go through some non Latin
> American country, or working on collaborative relations of other
> kinds. You really need to get into the details a little more I think.
> Paul Dillon
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