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That seems a more sophisticated analysis than my quick one. Thanks.
breaking away in the sense that Yrjo uses it and illustrated by michael
opens up, rather
than closing down, possibilities.

On 5/5/07, Peg Griffin <> wrote:
> I'm not sure it is "other side of that coin."
> I think forming voluntary acts IS breaking away so activities and
> institutions grow.
> Now, often, we elders give in to and settle for destitute reactions like
> more surveillance, more external evaluation, and restricting access
> instead
> of recognizing and engaging with the alienation controlling the youngers
> reactions. In that way we elders abandon the youngers; it comes to
> "falling
> apart" not breaking away, reaction not action, destitution not
> institution.
> PG
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> Yes, this was my personal reaction too. But note that michael (and Yrjo)
> are
> sensitive to the other side of that coin. Development as intergenerational
> nurturing and belief in adult responsibility.
> Actually, the kids WERE being supported in their activities by adults who
> believed the bs about
> laptops as magic bullet means to (approved) enculturation, to the tune of
> many millions of bucks from their taxes.
> Note that Mark Warschauer contends no benefits in learning to read, write,
> and numerate should be expected; enrichment (approved enrichment) is what
> one should aim for. But all the while, the
> breaking away, downloading pornography, etc potential is right there and
> will not go away. Nor will the fact that google is storing this message in
> its data base for marketing purposes, and perhaps to trade with the govt
> when it suits their purposes.
> I am watching a group I am connected with struggle to help kids who are
> struggling in school using computers as media. Part of their struggling
> involves creating selective firewalls while the kids cleverly find their
> ways around the fire walls. Meantime the path to a job at macdonalds gets
> more and more deeply in control of their futures. Or maybe they will find
> a
> way out by signing up for the army and its bright future?
> As I said when I posted this story (with help from Steve) its an article
> that invites a lot of thought and discussion.
> mike
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