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Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 07:15:42 PST

Happy New Year to all! The map is fascinating... I was wondering whether we could have a cultural-historical cognitive map with our interests, research added to the geographical locus. A map of dialogical spaces? "Mapping CHAT"? No, I haven't had a drink yet...:-) (In case you are wondering).
Enjoy the holiday,
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Thanks for greeting and the interesting world map (I love being a red
dot in the north)


Happy New Year
  to all of you


2006-12-30 kl. 20.17 skrev Mike Cole:

> Dear Xmca-ites;
> The year ends as it began with many unfinished conversations, too many
> interesting articles to read and discuss, and the knowledge that
> if you have a question relating to mind, culture, and activity,
> someone here
> is almost certain to provide you a hint along the way and provide
> new food for thought.
> Attached is a portrait of your activities the past month...... and by
> far
> not the busiest of the year. What a shame we cannot hear from all those
> people from so many interesting countries, each with their own
> perspectives
> on the complex issues that unite us, even as our world positions
> divide us.
> Happy New Year.
> mike
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