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Mike,thank you. I`m interested in methodology in the cultural-historical
and activity approach to ontogeny and disontogeny, and their interaction
from a theoretical point of view. Na etu temu u menja - statya (manuscript
submitted for publication for publication in The European Journal of
Special Needs Education, 2007)

"Vygotsky`s Social Constructionist View on Disability: A Methodology for
Inclusive Education"

This article analyses Vygotsky`s social constructionist view on disability
and its practical implementation in contemporary inclusive education. The
article focuses on the main concepts in Vygotsky`s theory on
(presented as a social constructionist view on disability), constituting
the cultural-historical psychological basis for the Russian model in the
contemporary inclusive preschool education. In this article a short
presentation of methodological basis of special education in Russia will
be given. The aim with the article is to cover following questions: 1)
What is the core of the social constructionist understanding of learning
and development in
dysontogenesis? 2) How can we achieve an appropriate understanding of
handicaps as a socio-cultural developmental phenomenon in accordance with
Vygotsky`s social constructionist views on disability? 3) How may
Vygotsky`s theory on dysontogenesis be implemented in
contemporary inclusive classrooms?

If you find this article interesting, I can send you the full text version
of the article.

Best regards,

On Thu, December 14, 2006 18:46, Mike Cole wrote:
> At the inspiration of Katrina, I have had the introduction and first
> of Vygotsky's work on defectology, vol 2 of collected works,
> placed on the "papers for discussion" part of the xmca web page. The
> Katrina raised are very important but it seemed that it
> would be difficult to have proper discussion if many xmca members could
> get access.
> I had to refresh my page to see the articles. You may need to do the
> We are also hoping that Erlbaum will soon post the article for
> from MCA by Cobb and colleagues. They have been slow
> to respond. But we will keep after them!
> mike
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