[xmca] Vygotsky on "defectology"

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 09:46:15 PST

At the inspiration of Katrina, I have had the introduction and first chapter
of Vygotsky's work on defectology, vol 2 of collected works,
placed on the "papers for discussion" part of the xmca web page. The issues
Katrina raised are very important but it seemed that it
would be difficult to have proper discussion if many xmca members could not
get access.

I had to refresh my page to see the articles. You may need to do the same.

We are also hoping that Erlbaum will soon post the article for discussion
from MCA by Cobb and colleagues. They have been slow
to respond. But we will keep after them!
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