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Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 17:53:53 PST

Hi Eric!

The link I posted: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives was
created by folks at Utah State University. Ed shared Illuminations
nctm's site which has a wonderful web link review page. This page
reviews 726 online resources. The Virtual Manipulative site must be
one of the sites reviewed. However, I like looking for alternatives
for learning content that focuses on play...preferably for free.
Don't know if I want to really invest in the CD or software of any
sort unless you do have a budget for learning with toys..

I like open source and if you are interested in free stuff..

check this one:


On Dec 13, 2006, at 8:34 AM, Ed Wall wrote:

> Eric
> Anna, perhaps, has another answer, but some of this stuff came
> out of NCTM (actually the list on that site Anna linked seems
> somehow incomplete, but my memory could be faulty). That is, http://
> The activities have instructions and the
> 2000 Standards (which you can get on CD - or used to be able to do
> so - had some of the activities aligned with a standard or
> principle at a grade band.
> However, I have a rule about all this. Try it yourself and
> definitely kid-test it before putting it out or it will most likely
> be a great waste of time (at least, in my case, kids always prove
> me wrong).
> Ed Wall
>> I am very appreciative of all the suggested on-line learning
>> sites. Good
>> stuff. My school district used to use the skillstutor web site
>> but did not
>> renew the $100,000.00 license this year. nice to know there is a
>> great
>> amount of free access still available.
>> Question for you Anna:
>> I really like the web site you recomended, other then the
>> standards listed
>> is there a guide book to go along with the activities? I have always
>> struggled with placing these manipulatives into a comprehensive
>> structure
>> that will allow my academically challenged students (i.e. students
>> who
>> cannot grasp the concept of a "half of a half") to move forward in
>> their
>> development of mathematical concepts.
>> thank you,
>> eric

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