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    Anna, perhaps, has another answer, but some of this stuff came out
of NCTM (actually the list on that site Anna linked seems somehow
incomplete, but my memory could be faulty). That is, The activities have instructions and
the 2000 Standards (which you can get on CD - or used to be able to
do so - had some of the activities aligned with a standard or
principle at a grade band.

    However, I have a rule about all this. Try it yourself and
definitely kid-test it before putting it out or it will most likely
be a great waste of time (at least, in my case, kids always prove me

Ed Wall

>I am very appreciative of all the suggested on-line learning sites. Good
>stuff. My school district used to use the skillstutor web site but did not
>renew the $100,000.00 license this year. nice to know there is a great
>amount of free access still available.
>Question for you Anna:
>I really like the web site you recomended, other then the standards listed
>is there a guide book to go along with the activities? I have always
>struggled with placing these manipulatives into a comprehensive structure
>that will allow my academically challenged students (i.e. students who
>cannot grasp the concept of a "half of a half") to move forward in their
>development of mathematical concepts.
>thank you,
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