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I remember our slogan from 1973 when we were marching on the streets in

"Chile, Chile - Solidaritet"

It did not help - that time and now when Pinochet is dead another
thing comes into my mind. Last week a Swedish citizen was sentenced to
life time in prison for war crimes in former Yugoslavia during the
civil war. He (a black man AND a member of White Aryan Resistance
(sic!)) did very bad things against muslim people in Bosina - so I do
not think the trial was wrong. There are a lot of people who are put in
trials (in Haag) for war crimes. I think it is good. But some people
are evidenetly very hard to bring to such trials. And Pinochet was one
of them.



2006-12-11 kl. 01.00 skrev David Preish:

> Today the dead of Pinochet made me remember the old thread Mike
> initiated regarding forgiveness. Thus, the same day than we across the
> world celebrate a new anniversary of the universal declaration of
> human rights, a new dictator goes away, unpunished for all the harm he
> caused on thousands. Some people see this as a nice turn of history:
> the general´s final day is marked by the international commemoration
> of human rights. I see here the opposite thing: Pinochet left us
> smiling, untouched by the action of justice, remembering us that he
> won his final battle over those that intended to give human rights
> some kind of substance, to turn them in something real, which can be
> touched. Here, then, a criminal has died. Shame on our judges. We will
> not forget. Without justice, we will not forgive.
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