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Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 20:59:19 PST

Hi Mike,

Actually, our TV is bad, but not that bad. (And I agree that US TV is
hard to defeat on a competition for irrelevance). Of course, prime
time sucks here and everywhere. But, still here public television is
relevant and the public channel is one of the two more seen on TV,
the second one being the one of the Catholic University. The point of
this is that they do have a mission that goes beyond getting money
(second to money but still second). So, while the average program in
both channels still sucks, there is room for such unlikely things
like sometimes a program on books, interviews with writers,
politically ironic children puppets, a good program on political
conversation, and when an occasion such as Pinochet's dead arises,
several historically charged (biased as well) programs on current

On a different dimension, I would love to have a chilean version of
NPR. And, as for print, paradoxically, just one of these days the
most conservative Chilean newspaper reported on the fact you
mentioned about billion human beings living on less than 1 dollar per
day. Still, nothing here compares to the New Yorker or similar
outlets, which I really miss since coming back from the US. So, in
the end, I would change our tv for your magazines or your radio :)


On Dec 11, 2006, at 1:32 AM, Mike Cole wrote:

> Hi David
> Three days ago I spent a lot of time pondering the fact that no one
> on xmc
> noted the date, December 7. It was a big day in
> American/Japanese/World history, Un-remembered. And NO ONE links it
> to the
> events that ensued on the Volga river where
> (not by accident) the Soviet Union was to beginnig the
> counterattack that
> brought down Hitler. And, at least equally as sad,
> very few in the United States who even noted that Pinochet died
> would have
> heard anything about an international day
> focused on human rights.So your reminder of the sad ironies is most
> welcome
> If you watch American television, it is IMPOSSIBLE to think, imagine,
> remember that more than a billion human beings exist
> in families that earn less than 1 dollar day. As you will see for
> yourself
> in the new year. I doubt it is all that different on Chilean
> Japanese, or Indian TV, but perhaps I am wrong in my ignorance.
> mike
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