Re: [xmca] Empirical Evidence for ZPD

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2006 - 04:24:09 PST

In my opinion ... Vygotsky and Ilyenkov are by far the greatest
interpreters of Marxist theory as it applies to the historic
development of a dialectical materialist psychology that can help
develop new ways of understanding what being human can be about and
help develop new ways to struggle for human emancipation. All roads,
from Spinoza, Hegel, Marx, Engels, Plekhanov, Lenin, and many other
lights, lead to the work of LSV and EVI, partial and contradictory as
that work necessarily is and was. So far, for better or worse, these
two thinkers have been able to see the farthest, and we must stand on
their shoulders to advance the historic project. Researchers and
thinkers directly influenced by the Russian cultural-historical
school, which has kept the Marxist work of Vygotsky and Ilyenkov
alive, are especially important and essential contributors to
climbing onto those shoulders and seeing what Vygotsky and Ilyenkov
saw. Much must be learned from them, too.

I see the questions being asked and the scholarship being
demonstrated in this recent xmca discussion (and many others over the
years) as very much part of this historic process. Bravo to
all. Please keep up the hard work. Thank you.

~ Steve Gabosch

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