[xmca] action based research

From: ERIC.RAMBERG@spps.org
Date: Fri Dec 01 2006 - 09:29:11 PST

I believe there is a distinct difference between the Cartesian dualism of
the subject-object psychological experimentation and the action based
research of the 'Kharkov School'. In the action based psychological
experiment the emphasis is upon goal orientated social behavior.
Therefore, I believe it is this focus on the social otherness that sets
apart the action based research. This otherness at some point becomes a
tool for a person to utilize to further their own development. That I
believe is the kernel, the nut, the essence of what needs to be answered.
At what point in development does a person realize that the otherness can
be a tool to further their own development?

In action based research there is not the sterile confines of a laboratory
but rather 'experiments' can be conducted anywhere as long as the goal
being attained is clearly defined. The empirical evidence gathered from
these action based experiments gleaned information for researchers to place
great emphasis upon semiosis. However, this still anchors a person's
thinking within the materialistic realm of subject-object but I believe it
to be a different anchoring than what results from mere antecedent-behavior
associations. Besides being associative and quantitative in nature the
results of an action oriented empirical experiment provides qualitative
evidence towards answering the question posed in the above paragraph.

what do others think?


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