[xmca] can't have it both ways

From: ERIC.RAMBERG@spps.org
Date: Fri Dec 01 2006 - 07:38:17 PST

Andy, you wrote:

"So, far from being conservative, I think that using mediation as a central

concept in our investigation forces us to unceasing enquiry. It's true in a

way, I think, Michael, that there is a kind of "extremism" in dualism -
"class against class", "them versus us", "you're with us or against us",
"revolution now", "no compromise", etc. - and there is some truth in your
suggestion that holding power in society means having control over the
means of mediation. It's called "hegemony". But we have been talking about
subject-object relations. If oppression is mediated, then the subject must
comprehend mediation, or it can never get to be a real subject at all."

What if a person misperceives being oppressed? Such as the vastly growing
"victim" class of urban residents in america. There is clearly a
misperception on their part that they are being oppressed. Choices in
their life have placed them in a position of feeling and acting oppressed
yet numerous people who grow up in the same environment leave the "hood"
behind and make a great life for themselves.

Are you merely stating a rhetorical question regarding oppression being
mediated and do not believe this to be the case? I truely am confused by
your argument. You have taken a circuitous route of dismissing dualism yet
you use dualism to make your point.


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