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From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 19 2006 - 08:22:27 PDT

Dear Colleagues-- I have had a note froma couple of people noting it is
quiet on xmca.
My impression is that people are recovering for the summer. At the same
time, even a glance
at the world map indicates that a lot of people are logging on, perhaps,
like Phil, doing archival
work -- but not commeting or asking questions.... and generally there has
not been all that much
discussion of the papers that have been posted.

However, in case some of you ARE interested in academic discussion, I am
forwarding a paper we will
be discussing Monday at noon at LCHC. It is by Jim Wertsch on
"intersubjectivity and alterity."

This summer we have been reading, in unsystematic fashion, a range of
articles that address a set of
interlocking issues/processes that we feel we do not properly understand.
Subjectivity and intersubjectivity
are one pair. We have read Tomasello on cultural learning where he defines
intersubjectivity in relation
to being able to interpret another's intentions, an early stage, in his
opinion, of theory of mind. This idea
is related to differering notions of imitation which in turn is related to
ideas about necessary and sufficient
conditions for cultural mediation. ALL of these concepts are related to the
polysemic term, CONTEXT, which
Jim uses in two different sense in his paper. We are concerned about the
confusions arising from the way the
term is used with different referential purposes but without any clear
markers to say which reference purpose
is in play, hence engendering confusion.

You are all most welcome to join us in our investigation of this issue if
you are in need of summer reading.
On the other hand, I recently read George Elliot's "Silas Marner" which I
was "forced" to read in Junior High
School and which I found mesmerizing after a 50 year + set of opportunities
to puzzle about the world.


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