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 From the AERA Director

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Subject: From the E-mail Box of the Executive Director - Summer 2006
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 19:42:46 -0400
From: AERA Executive Director, Felice J. Levine
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*/From the E-Mail Box of the Executive Director
Summer News Update/*

Dear AERA Members:

This message is to bring you a summer update on important activities and
opportunities related to scholarly communication and to enhancing
research in our field.

First and foremost, proposal submissions for the 2007 AERA Annual
Meeting closed on August 2nd with again very strong outpouring of
interest. In total, 11,056 proposals for individual papers and symposia
were submitted through the All Academic System. President Eva Baker,
Program Chair Dan Koretz, and the entire Program Committee are also hard
at work since June planning Presidential sessions, invited lectures, and
other events to speak to the theme?The World of Quality in Education.

One important component of the AERA Annual Meeting are the courses and
mini-courses directed to advancing education research skills,
methodological expertise, and knowledge. The submission system remains
open for those who would like to propose a course (one- or two-days) or
mini-course (four hours) that will add to the capacity of scholars at
all levels of experience to undertake research of excellence. The
Professional Development and Training Committee is also interested in
strengthening the teaching of education research and welcomes proposals
from education researchers that are directed to strengthening faculty
skills and capacity to teach research or supervise research training.
Courses may be proposed through the All Academic System through August
31, 2006.

The world of quality research is as much about quality reviewing of
proposals as submitting quality proposals. Division and SIG Program
Chairs urge those actively engaged in research to sign up as reviewers
of proposals. There is no better way to contribute to the larger good
and the substantive quality of the Annual Meeting than through
participating in the review process. Please go to the AERA website at
and sign up as a reviewer in the areas of your research expertise.

This e-mail is also intended to spread the word that the AERA Books
Editorial Board seeks innovative proposals for research handbooks. The
Books Editorial Board continues to seek proposals on important arenas of
research in education. The Calls for Proposals set forth enticing
opportunities to develop research handbooks for scholars and students
that seek to bring together diverse strands of relevant scholarship
(inside and outside the usual boundaries of education research); draw
upon the strongest research irrespective of context or field of inquiry;
add comparative, international, longitudinal, or historical dimensions;
and aim to identify significant new directions for empirical,
methodological, and theoretical inquiry. The Board seeks the following
types of proposals:

(1) Research handbook proposals on any topic under the Open Call (see
(2) Proposals for a Research Handbook of Cumulative Research Programs in
Education (see special call at http://www.aera.net/?id=1479
(3) Proposals for a Handbook of Research on Achievement (see special
call at http://www.aera.net/?id=1478

The deadline for handbook proposals is October 15, 2006. The same
guidelines are to be used for submitting proposals under the Open Call
or for the two special topics (see
Proposals are to be submitted electronically to books@aera.net

Last, but by no means least, I am very pleased to report that the AERA
Council adopted the Standards for Reporting on Empirical Social Science
Research in AERA Publications in June. The Standards are available on
the AERA website at http://www.aera.net/?id=1480
and also are being published in the August-September issue of ER. This
guidance was developed by a Task Force chaired by Pamela Moss. Council
has just launched a second Task Force on Standards for Reporting on
Humanities Research in AERA Publications under the leadership of Marilyn
Cochran Smith.

The new Task Force is only one of many important activities that are
being pursued by the Association to advance education research and serve
education researchers. The pages of ER and the AERA website will
continue to provide information on news and activities. Meanwhile,
please help become part of that news by serving as a reviewer,
considering the submission of a course proposal, or, if the timing is
right, submitted a prospectus for a research handbook that can further
add to and enhance education research as a field.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Best wishes,


Felice J. Levine, PhD
Executive Director

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