[xmca] sense/meaning and the translation of myishlenie i rech

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 15:42:44 PDT

Someone-- Michael?- Brought to mind the implications of different
translations of LSV's Thought and Language (1934/1962/1986) such that in
English in 1987
it became Thinking and Speech and yet he translates it as Thought and

So interesting!

As explained somewhere (the intro?) Norris Minnick (and Jim Wertsch, I
think) argued that the title should be thinking and speech. After all, the
usual word
for language is yazik (tounge, also). And rech is a direct translation of
speech. He gave up and gave a speech (rech). Language won't substitute.

But what about Myishlenie? The verb form is Myshlit. Its a noun. So, how did
it get to be a verb in English in 1987?

We have an ambiguity in english when nouns and verbs trade places, and
thinking/thought appears one of those places. "Tell me your thinking on this
project" " Or, "Give some thoughts
about this project" substitute pretty easily, yet one is, so to speak, in
motion, -ing'ing along, a process. The other is a product, at least
temporarily fixed. Thought and Speech works pretty good
me, being an English speaker.

Michael-- Is there variation in the translation into German?

Not unlike the way the discussion of word and sense appears to be thought of
by some of us.


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