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From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Sun Jul 24 2005 - 07:40:47 PDT

Hi Armando,
I agree the necessity for doing the kind of work you outline in your
last sentence. This is why I conceptualized, for example, science
education as an endeavor where students learn while engaging in and for
social action. E.g.,

Roth, W.-M., & Lee, S. (2004). Science education as/for participation
in the community. Science Education, 88, 263–291.
Roth, W.-M., & Lee, S. (2002). Scientific literacy as collective
praxis. Public Understanding of Science, 11, 33–56.

But this means that educators have to change. If we educate as and for
collective praxis, then it is no longer important that everyone knows
the same thing at the same time. Rather, what we need to be able to do
is engage with others who think and feel very differently, and do so
without putting them down, that is, in democratic ways so that we can
cogenerate solutions to the problems we face as a collective.



On 24-Jul-05, at 7:10 AM, Armando Perez wrote:

> Michael:
> I m really in accord with you that it is in practice,
> action that are integrated both planes of
> subjectivity, that I work out as colective and
> personal(inter and inter). I agree also that both are
> premise and results of practice, action. But, if it is
> possible to establish theoretically and
> epistemologically that in its genesis, development and
> so on both are transversalizased for practice, in its
> real movement may be in real antagonism,
> contradiction. That´s why we are working, now, in
> Cuba, as projects of research, in the development of a
> community that could integtrate as much as possible
> the personal and the social in a community project.
> Armando
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