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Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 07:02:58 PDT

     hello, everyone - i found Judy's email posting fascinating, both for the lengthy reference to Bateson, who i admire, and for the continued silence in response to her posting. i went back to Bateson's "Steps to an ecology of mind" and refresh my memory about his take on communication. in the chapter on Double Bind, Bateson points out that messages carrry multiple meanings, and that while one of the meanings is found in the content of the message, another message is about the relationship between the communicators. it's my take that the message about the relationship in regards to the silence regarding Judy's posting is that she doesn't count. looking at the pattern of communication here on xmca, with a few exceptions, such as Mike who nearly always responds to each person, the pattern is a few guys talking to a few guys, and ignoring those who .... who what? i can only observe the silence, and the way the relationship is constructed - the whys i've not a clue about.


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I am egotistical enough to wonder if it was my last message that brought
this list to a resounding silence....

If my version of GBs attempt to bring the sacred to center stage in science
as an object of activity induced any response, I'm curious to know what it
was. Perhaps I (mis)represented the project, or perhaps the project
misrepresents the do-able, or misses the practical altogether? I ask because
I am still thinking about the curricular questions...


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