Re: michal roth's intro; four contradictions and children's play

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Sep 30 2004 - 08:00:22 PDT

Hi Victor- Always great to hear from you. I think part of the issue hinges on
various understandings of your phrase: if we're writing about social identities (which I suppose most
identities are),.

One ardent non-poster on the list has been known to define identity as stories
people tell about themselves. Others (I see a note from Wolff-Michael waiting
a little down the queue) talk about identities as related to selves and
still others relate this to individual subjectivities and get unhappy about
activity theory because it presumably does not allow for analysis of
individual subjectivities.

I feel especially like a seeker in this discussion. I also don't see how
to understand identitis as other than co-constructions, but as applied to
cases such as the one(s) in question in this discussion, the division of
labor, so to speak, in the constructed "co's" and many other issues still
have been wobbling around on very unsteady pins.

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