RE: michal roth's intro; four contradictions and children's play

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Just as a general comment on representing activity from the Holzkamp/Roth
perspective, it would be neat to embed an account like the one we are
discussing in a discussion that unpacks more of the "objective" conditions
-- that shows more of curriculum, tells more about the university-school
arrangement, and shows more specifically the relations between
distal/proximal contradictions. Doing so would probably necessitate focus on
"the other side of the coin" --- foregrounding the co-ordination, and the
conditions that made it possible, among the different players. I wonder what
a discourse analysis tracing terms like "respect" across situations & social
actors might turn up. I'd also like to see more of the curricular content
and how, specifically, the different students worked with it. Again, I am
just musing on how to press for yet more theoretical elucidation this very
engaging account of what appears to be a very promising educational

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Why people do things. Reading and re-reading about Critobal and Ya-meer
and listening to the voices in this discussion, I am trying to think
the dynamics of change and, if not "causes," then pivotal events. I am
also trying to think about proximal causes, Holzkamp/Roth point versus
more distal contradictions (use value/exchange value) vis a vis
identitities and change.

The other side of the coin from conflict is coordination. There is often
intense positive, emotional impact of coordination, "flow," which in
case appears to hinge upon respect. Respect.grade.self understanding.
understanding of other cumulate in identities?

Gotta run, but there is a lot to think about here. Food for the mind
while my butt is on the road!

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