RE: michal roth's intro; four contradictions and children's play

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 11:23:07 PDT

Why people do things. Reading and re-reading about Critobal and Ya-meer
and listening to the voices in this discussion, I am trying to think about
the dynamics of change and, if not "causes," then pivotal events. I am
also trying to think about proximal causes, Holzkamp/Roth point versus
more distal contradictions (use value/exchange value) vis a vis
identitities and change.

The other side of the coin from conflict is coordination. There is often
intense positive, emotional impact of coordination, "flow," which in this
case appears to hinge upon respect. Respect.grade.self understanding.
understanding of other cumulate in identities?

Gotta run, but there is a lot to think about here. Food for the mind
while my butt is on the road!

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