Re: michal roth's intro; four contradictions and children's play

From: Lara Beaty (
Date: Fri Sep 24 2004 - 09:56:44 PDT

> do we need multiple
> levels of conflict to understand the emergence of identity?
> phillip
I think, yes. The conflict need not be overt, but there is always a
conflict in "choosing" identities and the actions consistent with them,
the conflict of having identities accepted and actions being perceived
as such, etc. I'm thinking in particular of a youth who referred to
himself always as a "screen writer" but came across to his classmates
simply as "weird" (and other less friendly terms) and a Latina student
who spent most of her time enacting a European-American identity. The
conflicts were made visible through my observations, but I think
they're always there as long as the potential is greater than the
actualization. Yes?

Lara Beaty

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