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Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 17:38:17 PDT

Sorry I didn't provide the reference to this quote, and a number have asked me
where it came from. I'll get back when I find it! If I recall, it was either in
Engestrom's "Expanding" book or one of Mike's articles - but it's at home and
I'm at work. I did lift it straight from the text, so the word "never" was used
by the author, if not Davydov, too.

Phil Chappell

Quoting Peg Griffin <>:

> Hi,
> Two years ago from when? Longer ago than that I remember (it being
> translated that) Vasili Vasilovitch said that is was hard to find educational
> activity in schools in his country or in ours. Not never. I think I saw it
> in Schola 91 in Moscow not too long after that longer ago talk.
> Peg G
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> About two years ago, on a cool Southern California day, Vasili Davydov
> addressed a group of social scientists at the University of California, San
> Diego. He began his talk with a paradox. He had come, he said, to tell us
> about educational activity. He promised to exhibit principles that promote
> educational activity, and applied programs deriving from those principles.
> Then he laughed. “But you’ll never see educational activity in the school,”
> he said, and laughed again.

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