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Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 15:26:33 PDT

Two years ago from when? Longer ago than that I remember (it being translated that) Vasili Vasilovitch said that is was hard to find educational activity in schools in his country or in ours. Not never. I think I saw it in Schola 91 in Moscow not too long after that longer ago talk.
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  About two years ago, on a cool Southern California day, Vasili Davydov addressed a group of social scientists at the University of California, San Diego. He began his talk with a paradox. He had come, he said, to tell us about educational activity. He promised to exhibit principles that promote educational activity, and applied programs deriving from those principles. Then he laughed. “But you’ll never see educational activity in the school,” he said, and laughed again.

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