artists against bush

Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 10:06:21 PDT

My post is not directly linked to XMCA, but indirectly is about learning and
literacy (using tools of sound, text, and image).

This may come as some relief (from the last few days) that some world known
American visual artists recently arranged a group exhibition in Seattle
(scroll down to see the images).

Most expressive is the Richard Serra's use of the world famous Abu-Gharaib
image of a man standing with open arms.

An article about it: Anti-Bush artists trumpet their political views in a
trio of shows.

The show was in connection to America Coming Together ACT) project.

Here in the San Francisco bay Area, a gallery owner was attacked for
exhibiting this painting about torture in Abu Gharaib:

It is about the time for American artists to express their opposition
(European artists did it in the thirties) --Hip Hop community protest music,
Vote for Change Tour of the musician, and these visual artists.

iraj imam

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