Re: farewell to Rommetveit/ teaching of psych

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 07:47:45 PDT

Melissa. Somewhere on the LCHC webpage is that old, but still relevant
Cole, Hood, & McDermott article on "Ecological validity as an axiom
of Experimental Psychology." The basic thesis, which I have applied to the
quandries of teaching (and am still wrestling with) is the the conditions
needed to set up a "scientifically valid" experiment are SYSTEMATICALLY
different than those encountered in everyday life activities including,
very importantly, classroom teaching/learning situations. This is also
a major theme in Newman, Griffin, and Cole book on teaching/learning.

The divide CAN be overcome. But it is almost impossible to do so routinely
and without the possibility of rearranging the conditions of instruction
and learning a lot. And those rearrangements face big hurdles.

You are rambling, you are participating. That's what this is about.

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