Relocating the Laboratory:
40 Years of Collaborative Research on Culture


Sylvia Scribner Award Address
AERA Denver, Colorado
May 2nd, 2010
Michael Cole, Ray McDermott, Luis Moll,
Denis Newman, Olga Vásquez, Katherine  Brown, Robert  Lecusay

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Michael Cole: Origins of the Lab

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Relocating Psychology, Culture & Society

                    Intellectual Foundations:
                    Paradoxes of Cross Cultural Research: Subjects are not assigned to culture at random,
so experiments suspect.
                    Institutional Foundations:
                    Practical need for a place to create democratic collaborations along multiple
demographic dimensions.

                    For both theoretical and practical reasons, increasing diversity to disassemble binary oppositions became a                                             central need.   


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Ray McDermott: Rockefeller Years

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Diss-locating Experiments:

                    A. Ecological validity
                           1. Social relations vs. focus on “the task”
                               a. People organize the conditions of everyday problem solving
                                b. Tests require responding  without social resources to “pre-pared” tasks

                    B. Use language data from home and community as materials for experiments and data for comparison

                    C. Vygotksy and cultural mediation enter the scene   


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Luis Moll: Cultural Resources

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                    Re-locating the Institutional organization of teaching:

                    Unmasking the causes of reading failure of bilingual children in school arrangements and erroneous                                                             pedagogical theories.

                    Revealing early literacy in the home:

                    Participation in literacy events found to be ubiquitous across ethnic and social class boundaries. The start of the                                         emergent literacy movement.

                    Re-locating collaborations and education by using the emerging internet. 


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Denis Newman

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Locating “the Task” in Laboratories and Classrooms

                    Can we find problem isomorphs across different lesson organizations of a 3-4th grade classroom?

                    Discovering the tradeoffs between attributing problem solving to individuals and goal discovery in the context                                     of social resources.
                    Re-locating cognitive change outside the individual and the limitation of laboratory methods in education.


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Olga Vásquez : Expanding/transforming afterschool programs

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Relocating to Local Afterschool and University-Community Collaborations

                    Creating ideal environment to promote development of Mexicano children

                    Design of multi-generational pipelines to college

                    Diversity of multi-institutional collaborations among researchers across language,
                    ethnic, national, and social borders.

                    Uptake & sustainability become central criteria of success

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Katherine Brown: Relocating work

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                    Re-newing to focus on work settings:

                    Engeström & Development at Work: historicity,  collective forgetting & work place change in
                    medical, legal and university settings

                    Re-searching theory:

                    Combining Vygotsky, Leontiev, Dewey, Mehan, Lave, Rogoff -> CHAT

                    Re-taining a network


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Robert Lecusay: LCHC Today

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Re-locating Activities

                    Adult-child fantasy play worlds as media for intergenerational development.

                    Re-connecting emotion, cognition, & development; making perezhivanie visible & palpable

                    Re-considering the process of intervention: from design experiments to mutual appropriation

                    No predesigned object—create jointly with community – Mutual Appropriation


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Un-located Topics


Newsletter of the Lab and Mind, Culture, and Activity

The immense contribution of visitors from other countries


Top row (left to right): Bill Blanton, Denis Newman, Ray McDermott, Deborah Downing-Wilson, Honorine Nocon, Hugh "Bud" Mehan, Katherine Brown (behind Bud), Robert Rueda, Margaret Riel, Mike Cole, Juanita Cole. Bottom row (left to right): Beth Ferholt, Virginia Gordon, Robert Lecusay, Olga Vásquez, Noah Finkelstein

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Visitors to LCHC Website 4/1 – 4/24/10


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