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Re: [xmca] Is College Moving Online? : The New Yorker

Yep. To say nothing of journalists getting killed.

I'm sorry I started this up in the middle of when we're supposed to be
discussing the new article. Let me get back to the task at hand.


On 5/15/13 8:05 PM, "Andy Blunden" <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

>Print journalism is going the same way as university teaching, isn't it?
>Journalists increasingly being thrown into the position of freelancers,
>with massive churning of material over the internet making serious
>journalism very unrewarding and exploitation rife. Mmmm.
>Phil Chappell wrote:
>> Hi Helena
>> I'm amidst all of this in one institution in Australia and would
>>welcome the opportunity to read your full report. Many thanks in advance.
>> Phil Chappell
>> On 15/05/2013, at 5:42 AM, Helena Worthen <helenaworthen@gmail.com>
>>> I'd be happy to send along the full version of the report to anyone who
>>> wants to see it (actually, I'd be really gratified if people wanted to
>>> read it!).  
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