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[xmca] FW: Summer Reading: A Memoir by Literacy Educator, Deborah Hicks

From: Deborah Hicks

Greetings!  I'm writing you to spread the word about a trade book I published this year.  THE ROAD OUT<http://www.theroadout.net> recounts the story of my teaching work with girls growing up in an urban Appalachian community.  Could you kindly share the attached book flyer with friends and colleagues?

This book could be an interesting summer read and also a course text to consider for the coming year's courses on literacy, elementary/middle school education, and qualitative research.

You can learn more by going to my author's website<http://www.theroadout.net>.

Thanks so all of you, and happy summer!

Deborah Hicks
Founder and Director, PAGE
Partnership for Appalachian Girls' Education

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