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Re: [xmca] self-regulation

Hi Francine

There is indeed work by Elkhonon Goldberg that suggests that the frontal lobes are specialized hemispherically. The left frontal lobe seems to be involved in deliberate and context-independent activities that are based on known information, while the right frontal lobe seems to be involved in deliberate, context-dependent activities that are guided by the environment.


Goldberg, E., Podell, K., & Lovell, M. (1994). Lateralization of frontal lobe functions and cognitive novelty. Journal of Neuropsychiatry, 6, 371-378.

On Apr 29, 2013, at 12:46 AM, larry smolucha <lsmolucha@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Vygotsky was focusing on self-regulation of conceptual thought. I also wonder what brain imaging technology would show about the development of executive function in the prefrontal cortices in deaf people. I think it has been a mistake for neurologists to refer to the prefrontal cortex as if the left and right prefrontal cortices acted in unity.  There must be different self-regulatory systems operating from the left prefrontal cortex (speech) and perhaps some other type of non-verbal self-regulation operates from the right prefrontal cortex.This other type of non-verbal self-regulation could be left prefrontal in the deaf. Brain imaging techniques like the functional MRI could provide a breakthrough. Since Vygotsky was focused on the ability to self-regulate conceptual thought we can expect that self-regulation of sensori-motor functions is going involve the development of a different neurological system.

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