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Re: [xmca] Polls are closed: Manfred Holodynsk's article is choice

Andy --

Actually, I'm not sure what "societal meaning" is, or even if it's not a
misuse of the post-fix (like prefix?) "-al" to make up a new word. But I
took it from the quote from Manfred.

"Meaning" -- sure, I can agree that meaning implies interpretation. Then
does "societal" mean "the meaning to a society" -- in the sense of what
role a bank plays in a society?  And I guess that in one sense that role
is established by regulations and laws.

Which are pretty contested right now in the US, right? I see they're
putting the heat on some top players in the financial industry these days.


On 3/30/13 4:30 PM, "Raquel Guzzo" <rguzzo@mpc.com.br> wrote:

>Raquel S. L. Guzzo
>Pos-Graduação em Psicologia
>Centro de Ciências da Vida
>Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas
>On 30 Mar 2013, at 20:21, Andy Blunden wrote:
>> So what can be meant by "societal meaning" then, Helena? Material
>>objects (such as the bank building, and the various human bodies
>>involved, and books and ledgers, coins, etc.) are "societal" in the
>>sense of being universal. But "meaning" implies to me an act of
>>"interpretation" of material objects, something particular. And if the
>>Politburo is not there to ascribe the one societal meaning to material
>>things/processes/events, what on Earth can "societal meaning" be?
>> Andy
>> Helena Worthen wrote:
>>> ...
>>> Before this gets too long, I'll just say that I agree, there is no
>>> omniscient observer to tell us what the "societal meaning" of something
>>> is. In fact, if Manfred and I were standing in line at that bank where
>>> this happened, it might be fun for us to compare our "personal sense"
>>> what we saw.
>>> Helena   
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